It wasn't long after I got there that Chris took the stage to announce that the results were in. He then introduced Aimee.

Aimee was fighting back tears. She talked about walking precincts for forty hours a week over the past couple of months. Then she started thanking people for their support, begining with her husband.

Everybody listened intently. Many times her words were interrupted by applause.

Then she thanked the many volunteers whose names were on this wall.


Mateus had been her campaign strategist. Forest had gotten her more press than any other candidate. Tony had worked tirelessly.


(I didn't catch her name.) Ray had come all the way from San Mateo County to help a lot. Aimee was still close to tears when she left the stage.



After that we got silly. There was quite a bit of dancing... Usually there was a gaggle of people around Aimee, well wishers telling her to stay involved with the political sytem and volunteers thanking her for giving the political system a new voice.


Special thanks to Tran, who did the food, and the DJ, whose name I missed.  Click here to go to Aimees site.