Stephanie with a precinct map of Mountain View. By the end of October we hope to have every one of those districts informed about her campaign.

Bonnie, Gloria, and Greg. Gloria is running for reelection to the School Board. She and Stephanie have a joint campaigning agreement. Stephanie's volunteers will carry Gloria's literature, and Gloria's volunteers will likewise carry Stephanies.


Valerie is Stephanies Campaign Manager. Here she and Ken go over the precinct walking kits.


Gloria gave everybody that wanted them batches of her fliers to pass out. She must have underestimated the demand, because I could have used more myself. Click her picture to find out more about her campaign.


The food was great!

Stephanie went through a training session with us. She explained that most people aren't going to want to spend a lot of time talking to people that knock on their doors, but they are very likely to remember the experience and consider it when they decide how to vote. She urged us to be pleasant, quick, and take plenty of water. Stephanie didn't expect there to be many detailed questions, but she suggested we handle those by pointing out her contact info on the flier and telling the person that she would be glad to answer questions.


Back row: Jim, Fred, Valerie, Sara, Gloria Higgins, Eugene, Lis, Ken, Mike, Charlotte, Cameron, Greg, Andrea, Thomas, Bonnie

Front Row: Lois, Tian, Bob, Stephanie Schaaf, Alex


After riding my bike down to my precinct, I left a lot of fliers on doors, just like this one. It took most of the afternoon.