The lock down is easing up! I've been needing to do this. The theme for the ride was COVID-19 is a real issue. I asked everybody to please practice physical distancing between you and everybody else of at least six feet during this event and wear a COVID-19 mask. We'll have a great time if most of us do that most of the time.

We picked Roy's Coffee for the start because Virginia loved the place. If you wanted to show up early and get a coffee or whatever, that option was available.

Morning of the event I was busy responding to emails and stuff like that for far too long. I looked up and panicked! OMG! There was no way I could get there quick enough to be early. I did the best I could and got there not long before they started moving. Then I was doing the COVID-19 compatible greeting dance with everybody until it was time to roll out. Lloyd took all of the pictures from the start of the ride.


That was a mistake because some people were only at the start and that means I missed the chance to really talk to them. People like Silver, who was there on a tandem with Gina. Deepa was there with her dog, but I didn't find out until I was browsing pictures. I regret that now. Anyhow, we rolled out not far behind the expected time.

Didn't think to pull out my camera until the zoomers had left me behind. Then I got the following pictures at the next stop light. 521


I knew there were more of us than fit in that picture so I waited for them. They came by as clumps of friends enjoying the ride at their own paces.


When the sweeps got there I knew we were good. Frederick explained that the couple on the tandem had wobbled around the corner a block or two into the ride. A few others had pulled off at some random store and were on their own.

Caught up with them where they had pulled over at a liquor store so that the drinkers among us could have a cold beer when we got there.

After that we stayed together fairly well. Somebody told me they counted about sixty of us. Several people told me things like "Having a bike ride to remember Virginia is the perfect way to celebrate her legacy."

It was good to ride with so many friends again after being cooped up so much over the last couple of months. As Katie put it "Definitely scratched an itch!"


The regroup was all about spending time talking in small groups. There was music and even some dancing, but for the most part it was relaxing in the shade on a nice summer day. I only took pictures when it was clearly wanted. For the most part people honored the physical distancing guidelines. For the most part there was mask wearing. For sure everybody was on their good behavior.

Love that shot! It's most of Ants In My Eyes Johnson, Chris and Lizzie's ska punk party band, and maybe another friend or two. Virginia loved going to their gigs.

Thank you Lloyd for taking a picture of Jodi's hot dog stand. She gave everybody that wanted it plenty of tasty food.

Thank you Sylvia and Fernando for this 2L2Q picture!

There wasn't much public speaking. That just wasn't the mood people were in. We just hung out and talked and the afternoon slipped away. So many told me that it was an awesome event and they were very happy to be there.


All too soon it was time to ride out. Different people reached that point at different times. Lloyd took the picture of Jackys post ride. The other one was mine, taken a bit later when I left with the last group. Thank you Virginia for giving us a good reason to have a safe socially distanced ride!


At the end Spike gave me this book he and Penny had gotten people to autograph and put notes in. So many notes from people that cared about Virginia!

Some among us just weren't ready to go home. We got some more beer and took off for another park, where we laughed and partied until the sun went down.

Then when I got home there were some nice posts in the ride discussion area. Click here to link to that page. So many pictures of fun times I remember in that album!