Love the grey skies. It's been wet the last couple of weeks. A nice change from the dry period before that.

The dry period killed my collard cuttings, or at least that's what I'm seeing now. The shallots and garlic are all doing quite well.


Excited about the idea of planting more shallots when the time comes to divvy up those bulbs. Looking forward to pink roses!


The kiwi buds are just starting to come out. So excited to think about all the fruit I'm going to get this year!


That grape seedling that was just a couple of frail looking leaves last year is starting strong this year, already several leaves developing.

Glad to see the oregano coming back again. Looking forward to using that spice!

The favas are all growing from beans I left in the plot last summer. That's what the place has to volunteer right now. Works out to a few little bushes.

That kale is becoming an aphid farm. I'm going to leave them to do their thing as ladybug bait. Hope it works out.


Love those bright lights chard!


If you look through the mesh of the beet enclosure you can see the seedlings starting from the broccoli and so forth I planted last week.

It looks bleak in the beet enclosure because some critter went to town on my beet seedlings. I replanted along with plenty of snail bait. The new ones seem to be doing better.

I get most of the greens I eat at home from this end of my plot. So grateful for all those plants!