My two year old New Zealand chards continue to give me a few leaves every harvest cycle. Probably they would be a lot bigger if I'd have fertilized them early in life, but even so they are a plus to have around. Not big producers, but then they aren't big plants. Steady and reliable though. Taste great in soups!

That potato is a volunteer. Thank you food for choosing to grow in my plot. Your roots will be eaten after you die back.


My grapes are coming out again!

All the chard plants I started last year are doing well. They are easily four or five times the size of their older cousins. Since their breed was billed as "Bright Lights", I still like another chance to tell someone else "The power company has nothing to do with the bright lights in my plot."


As I type this, a couple of weeks after these pictures were taken, most of these beets have been harvested and eaten. I got a couple of meals a week out of them all winter long. Definitely planting beets again next winter!

That "fava bush" is an array of fava beans I planted there. I like how they are taking over the area so completely.



Those Irises put up big purple and white flowers that are very pretty.

Lately a number of my fellow gardeners have been telling me they enjoy looking at my plot. It really does have a bunch of nice plants in it.