Hopefully these plants will continue to grow through the cold weather. I have been assured their chances are good.


Garlic, cauliflower, and broccoli from seed. The broccoli are still young enough that it's no great loss if they freeze.

The kale is just getting ready to harvest leaves from for the first time.

More cauliflower and cabbage that seems to be doing well.


The collards are finally getting to the point where they are giving me several good sized servings of greens a week. We're talking at least a pound and a half, maybe two pounds of leaves. I love eating them! The rule of thumb I use is "only harvest something if it's getting in the way of another plant or REALLY BIG!" As they have grown, my definition of the term "REALLY BIG" has scaled up dramatically. Nowadays that means a leaf big enough to go around my arm or something like that. More than a square foot of chewy food!

The artichoke is back to about what it was when I met it a year ago, not much changed for the time that's passed. The grapes are looking as barren now as they did then to. Of the two, I remember a lot more good eating from the grapes in the year. When the artichoke woke up I started fertilizing it, so hopefully this year I'll get more of a crop from it than I did last year. We'll see...