Freshly planted corn.                               Freshly planted cucumbers.

I'm thinking I need to plant some beans among the corn plants to climb on them.


The eggplant is growing slow. I planted it by the roses at first, but then I amended the soil in this other spot and moved them. They do seem to be doing better now.

The tomatoes are doing great!


I seem to harvest another bundle of oregano on a regular basis. The plant reaches out into the path between my plot and the neighbors. I harvest all the arms trespassing on the public right of way. It's an ongoing battle. I hang them around the house to dry. They add a nice fragrance to the air. I put some in a dish and it almost always improves the taste. Yum!


The pumpkin vine is quite a bit bigger than it was when I got it. I'm looking forward to it taking over the area between the artichokes and the tomatoes. That's where the fava beans were before. Those were my first success. They gave me many meals worth of beans.

The strawberries continue to give me another berry every now and then. Supposedly there are tricks I can use to significantly turn up production, but I've not learned them yet.

The grape vine is doing awesome!

I hope those grapes taste good...

The Ethiopian guy turned me on to a big handful of collard green seedlings. I planted them and have been watching them grow. The leaves are delicious, and they probably take cooking well to. I'm told that once they get going you can pick some leaves every day for years from the same plants. Sounds like an ideal crop. I'm looking forward to getting lots of food out of that row of plants.


I planted beans in those pots so I could put the successful ones near the successful corn plants. The other reason I did it this way is I forgot exactly where I planted the corns, so I figure if I wait for them to come out I'll put the beans in the right place for sure.

The first round of garlic I planted didn't work out. I'm not sure why. This time I put it in amended soil in a place that's easy to water. Maybe this time it'll work...

This time I gotta remember to harvest the lettuce while it's sweet. Last time it turned bitter on me.


That Emerald is the first Okra plant I've tried to grow. I remember hearing in DC that okra is a prolific plant, so we'll see. I know for sure that adding okra to soup is a great way to thicken it, so that's what I'm expecting to do with a lot of that crop!

I only got a few artichokes from the bush, but they were delicious. The master gardener lady thinks if I just fertilize it and chop out the dead stalks and stuff it will do better next time.

The next plot over is more or less abandoned. The main thing that's doing well there is the artichoke, except for the fact that nobody harvested the fruit. Those have turned into flowers.

I watched that bee fondling the thistles for a while. I'd say it's happier than a pig in shit.