This is the time of year when my garden is great. All of the plants have been growing for months and are quite productive. There is lots of green everywhere.


Early in the spring Stephanie had a garden party in her back yard. One of the other guests gave Virginia and I each a lemon ball cucumber start. That is one of them, towering over the mugwort. I get another delicious cucumber like the one above every couple of days or so. Starting to feel like I'm drowning in cucumbers!

Since my microwave oven died my collard plant hasn't been getting the harvesting I'm used to giving it. The thing is growing amok! I gotta get around to trying stove top cooking again. In other news, the cutting I took from it last winter is finally growing okay.


The iris and those rosebush plants aren't much right now. Just big green patches.

The sage is loved by the bees. Doesn't do much for me.


The kiwi is my biggest single crop plant. So awed by how big that harvest could be at this point.

The bad news is that the guys in the next plot over tell me they will be taking out their kiwis after this growing season. Without that male next door my plant won't give fruit. So bummed that this could be the vine's last year.


The other lemon cucumber is using the space under the kiwi vine. So happy that I found a crop that can do well in that space.


I'm getting something like a pound of tomatoes off my vines every time I go to the garden. That works out to fresh tomato soup a few times a week and a whole bunch of other snacking. Yummm!

The raspberries are delicious. I like to snack off the bushes while I'm in the garden. The fruit are too delicate to do much transporting on them. I get a few hand fulls of yummy fruit, not really enough to cook into jam or anything like that.


Those huge kales are on their second year in my garden. Virginia likes the flavor of their leaves, so I take them over there to eat. We have them with pasta and sausage or something like that.

The young plants aren't giving me much yet. Glad I planted them from seeds I got from Palo Alto hardware last February. They are starting to produce good leaves on a regular basis. Soon they will be good producers.

Turns out I planted the broccoli too far into warm season so it didn't develop the huge head that Virginia gets from Safeway. We ate it anyhow, and I'm hoping the side shoots turn into a good part of our food on an ongoing basis.


That pink rose is my favorite rose bush. Virginia likes it when I give her flowers from it. The only problem is that the four oclock has moved in underneath, and every time I cut it back the rose bush pokes me painfully. Grrrr....