Those white puff balls that look like snowballs are carrot flowers. I didn't harvest the carrots before the seed stalks grew, so I'm letting them go.


The carrot seeds just look like cinders in the aged flowers. I sprinkle them on the ground and hope I get carrot weeds next year. I dream of a garden where the rain brings forth carrot seedlings that I can grow into good forage.

The roses and irises are nothing special right now. Green and bushy though.


I turn on the water when I get there. I love the sound of dripping water as I garden. I put the water that lands around my plot, watering this and that. A can of water here, a china fountain of water there. Sometimes I turn off the water and weed. More often I turn off the water, harvest what's ready to eat, and head for the kitchen to fold it into my next meal.

I planted those cabbage plants after the kiwi shut down last year. Was hoping they would get ripe before the kiwi came back, but it didn't happen. Now I wonder if I should harvest them as is or write them off as a bad experiment.


The bright lights are back! I planted four of the things, but two didn't survive that four day period early in their lives when I didn't water because I was too busy. Moral of that story: I gotta time planting around a week or so of being home for the most part.


The kale patch is giving Virginia and I plenty of greens right now. Yumm! I cook them into pasta soup with maybe a tomato when one is ready. I'm eating them greens as fast as they come in that way. So happy about my lunches now.


On the left is my mahogany tomato vine. It's large and doing well. So happy with its fruit. The others are also doing well.


The vines are doing well. The kiwi overhang to Lubab's plot has collapsed its support. So happy with the flame grapes. Hoping the plastic boxes mean I'm eating the grapes instead of the birds. The rooted cutting that Judy gave me is growing, but not very fast yet. Still haven't gotten it to grab the support.  Hoping to get a small crop of concord grapes from it next year. After that? Who knows...

The only one that is really huge is the kiwi. That thing is giving my plot a name in the neighborhood.


I'm finding that ever since I put up the prayer flags, praying for peace in Tibet feels like waiting for the grapes to ripen. Hopefully soon!


I do use some of the oregano. That's another trouble free plant like the rose bush. They both smell good to. Nice coincidence.

That's the cabbage I forgot to water that was in the shade of the fava beans for a long time. Next time I'm doing that differently. Looking forward to harvesting it soon.

I think of these as the "bird flowers". I love watching hummingbirds feed there.