The tomatoes are feeding me finally! I have another one of those golf ball sized ones just about every time I go to the garden. They are sweet! The bigger ones are just starting to ripen, although I have picked one Purple Cherokee. I'm worried I might have too many tomato plants, but none of them are making me want to pull it out. Let me know if you want tomatoes!


The collards are pumping out so many yummy green leaves that I'm overdosing on them. I've started giving away the things to anybody that wants them. If you've never had collards and are curious I'd be glad to give you a jar of freshly cooked collards. Just let me know...


Now that I've learned how thirsty basil plants are they are doing well. I love the smell that basil leaves add to food! I just add them at the table, when most people would add pepper.


The cucumbers, nasturtiums, and beans are all growing well. :-)


My strategy with the beans is eat it every time I find one that looks reasonably grown. The bean plants are growing much more productive, but still it's just a few a day at this point. I can see that I'm going to have more later though. Looking forward to putting cut green beans in a soup!


I still get about two servings a month out of the broccoli and kale. The kale plant has reached the point in its life where it grows wonderfully! Very happy I didn't pull that one out.

The squash is still marching across my plot. It's not far from reaching the other side of my space now.


Peeking between the leaves, there are lots of squashes growing on the vine. Looks like this is going to be my best year for winter squashes ever!

The eggplant doesn't look like it's doing much. Wish I knew how to make the plant happier.

The sunflower is by far my biggest annual plant. The grapes are bigger, but nowhere near as nicely flowered.


The French cucumber that Marci gave me is finally growing in a good looking way.

My carrots aren't much at this point. I asked Virginia about that and she said "the problem is that your soil is too dense." So I've learned that carrots demand fluffy soil. Maybe the beets are dealing with a similar issue. I had one of those and it was delicious. Looking forward to eating the rest of them.


That's the blackberry plant that is doing by far the best of the four I started a few months ago. Gene has mature blackberry vines on the edge of his plot. I've been having a few every time I walk by ever since he said "help yourself, I can't eat them all." Now I'm looking forward to these growing and prospering over the next few years!

Watering the tarragon seems to have inspired a couple of fava beans to grow in the area. I figure I'll just let them do their thing. Since the info sheet said that tarragon likes a bit of shade I figured it'd be okay.

The chard plants are still getting going. They are clearly much stronger then they were a few weeks ago!