My upstairs neighbor was an avid gardener. Every year or so she would see me tending my tomato plants and talk about how much she enjoyed having a plot at the Willowgate Garden. The second or third time she mentioned it I got my name on the waiting list for one. I felt like I was waiting for five years to get one, but it was probably closer to four years. Every year they would send me a postcard with a handwritten number indicating my spot in line. I remember being 47th one year, and 23rd another. I was waiting to find out my number this year when Sueli called. She said "Congratulations, you're number one. We have two plots for you to pick from, want to come down to the garden and choose one?" There was more, bring ID and check writing ability to pay for the key deposit. To make a long story short, I picked plot #62.

I picked it because it had some perennial crops that are already established. The lazy man in me likes that.

The green lines indicate the borders of the plot.

The first thing that grabbed my eye was the grape vines. I'm looking forward to finding out what I think of their flavor. They have been trimmed many times by other owners of the plot, so they must have something going for them. I went to the library and read up on how to trim them, and then came back and did it. Carrying the wood trimmings to the dumpster, I realized that a garden plot generates a lot more carbon sequestration than a tomato plant on the porch. That was a heavy load!


The first thing I did was plant a six pack of snow peas. At this point it's still not clear that they will do well.

That artichoke plant came with the plot. I'm looking forward to harvesting something from it when the season comes around.


On the left is a short rose bush and a bunch of weeds. I'll get around to pulling them out soon.

In the center is most of the other stuff I've freshly planted. A six pack of celery plants that seem to be doing well, and a six pack of broccoli that's also doing well.

I have no idea what that other plant above is. I don't think it's a random weed though.


That rose bush is strong and still has a few flowers on it.

I also planted those lettuce plants. I'm planning to harvest a few leaves at a time, once they mature enough to take it.


The previous owner of the plot, Laurel, was a big fan of the strawberries. I think she gave away a lot of the plants, but I'm hoping to enjoy some from the rest of them next summer.

The mint is doing well. I'm not sure I really like this mint, but we'll see.

Not shown is the horseradish infestation. I harvested a bit to use as a spice, and it's delicious. Laurel said "the plot has a horseradish infestation at this point in time." I'm just going to harvest as I need it and not worry about the stuff beyond that.

The only problem with the place is that in the mid afternoon it gets a bit of shade from that redwood tree. I'm really sure that despite that, it gets a lot more sun than my porch.