My garden plot is happy about all the rain. It's hard to tell, partly because last fall when I should have been planting winter crops I was being an activist and/or hanging with Virginia. Despite that, there is a lot happening. It's just hard to see from twelve steps back.


The collards continue to give me lots of food.  The iris patch looks healthy, I'm expecting some beautiful flowers there in a month or so. My rain gage contines to record three quarters of an inch of rain again. I've been emptying it regularly, we're getting plenty of rain this year.


A month ago it was clear something was eating my freshly planted cabbage plants. I figured the problem was birds because every time I walk to my plot I see clouds of birds running away from me. I put wire cages around the plants. It didn't help as much as I was expecting. A few days ago I started putting snail proof rings around some of the plants. Clearly those are doing better than the rest now, so I'll be adding such rings around the other plants ASAP.


Those bright green things popping up near the knot in my border are going to be flowers real soon now. Looking foreward to seeing them!

The grassy stuff by the hose is garlic. I ate the last of last years crop only a month or so ago. The basis for these is the plants I missed when harvesting those. I saw them popping up as tufts of green. Dug those up and separated them into individual plants. Pushed them into the ground a few inches apart. Since then the rain has been keeping them growing, and I'll be getting a much larger crop this time then I got last year.

Those kale plants are my main source of soup greens nowadays. They are going much slower than they did last summer. Maybe I get a few ounces of leafyness a couple of times a week. I'd love to get more, but the new plants I planted last fall haven't grown enough to suplement them.


That's mainly because the new plants are suffering from predation. Still working on how to protect them, hopefully they will be growing good soon.

The fava beans and artichokes are starting to look bushy.


The oregano plant is doing well enough that spicing up my food is starting to feel like weeding duty. Haven't gotten tired of too much yet!

The raspbery patch is dormant at the moment. Most of the life of the plants is underground right now, so I'm feeling like it would be wrong to plant something else on top of them. I like having raspberries all summer long!