My garden is doing well right now. You can't really see much in the traditional overview because Lubab's fava beans hide a lot of it.


My collards are way back from what they've been lately. The old ones just got to the point where they were too big and too old. They gave me a lot of food over a long time, but I'm just not interested in them right now. I planted a few crowns from the purple collard that may or may not make it. If they don't do well probably I'll plant them again in the fall or something like that.

The iris thicket is doing well. I'm going to have to thin the patch a lot in the fall. Right now the flower season is just starting. I get a wand with three purple bearded flowers every week or so from it. Virginia thinks the flowers are "so pretty!"

The roses are just starting to put out flowers. So far I've gotten about one flower from each plant.


Those carrots I planted last fall are doing well. Going to harvest one soon and see how the flavor is.

So far I've planted three tomato plants. This one is doing the best. The reason is that I put a copper ring around the base. That kept the snails off of it. After I realized that helped by seeing the others munched back dramatically I put copper rings around them to, but it was a bit late.


The sage flowers are looking good at the moment.


That strawberry plant is looking so happy.


Yumm! Artichoke season is just starting now.


I expect the garlic will be dying back soon. I'll harvest it then.

The cabbages look good. See that slender vine behind them? That's the kiwi, which is just waking up from its winter nap. I'm hoping the cabbage will get to harvest time before the kiwi shades the area. Probably I should have planted the cabbages a month or so before I did (mid November). The problem was I was too busy with election season. This year I'm going to try and do better on that.


The raspberries are looking bushy now. Seems like just a month ago they were naked dead stems. Soon enough they will be giving me berries. Looking forward to that!


I'm going to turn under this fava bean patch real soon. the plan is to put a blue corn patch there. I kept a few ears from last years corn crop to plant there. They were tiny corn plants. I hope the crop breeds true, but I'm afraid it cross bred with Lubab's giant corn crop. We'll see...


The oregano and watercress are both doing well.

That zucchini has taken to the spot just fine.

The dirt is so brown now because I put a yard of compost on the plot a week ago. Once or twice a year Karen gets together a group buy of the stuff from Wheeler's stable. It's composted horse manure. Looks like the plants are loving it.