They were talking about the Wikileaks being "a core dump by some low level clerk." Me, I was thinking about how those highly symbolic oil drops falling of the first world were polluting the planet's bottom line. They're going to pretend we don't know about that because it was (or wasn't) in the diplomatic pouch? Give me a break.

Seems to me the story they were ignoring was the Climate Change negotiations in Cancun. The laws of physics say CO2 in the atmosphere is already above the 350 PPM safe limit, maybe at 385 PPM or something. We gotta change that! Aren't climate change negotiations part of changing that? Beyond saying the talks exist when they started, I've yet to hear another word about them. I hope they work out okay though.

Supposedly the leaks have been cut off. I remember watching an old diplomat buy groceries. When the teller told him what he owed he said "Those prices are so high I'm going to quit buying food!" I betcha if those guys want to spread the word on something they will find a way.

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