Real reality: It used to be that going to the bathroom was free. Now you have to ask the guy for a token. The price is just the hassle of oversight for me. I don't want to think about what that means to the homeless.


Ummm... I think those investment bankers were aided by some politicians they paid off to look the other way...


More of a virtual implosion than a physical event, but "the numbers don't lie", as they say.


Real reality: Ummm... I have less money in the bank than I used to...


Real reality: we are moving forward together... Sally Lieber explained that one of the problems behind California's budget crisis is that so much of the annual spending is on automatic pilot. The legislators simply have no room to maneuver. It wouldn't surprise me to find out something similar was true for the legislators in Washington DC. My housing and power bills don't change much month to month either, come to think of it. It was a big watershed when I left my car behind though.


Real reality: at least I can grow enough mint to spice up my tea with green!

1778 ..

Real reality: I remember during my Sacramento days Soylent Green was the name of a local band.