Nov 19, 2014: I finally realized that the reason my fridge wasn't working right was that the freezer was set too cold. I figured all I had to do was turn the knob left one or two notches. When I tried to do that it was frozen in the wrong place so I turned it harder. That was a mistake. It broke. Not just the knob in my hand, but the spindle that connected it to the internal works. So now that fridge has one setting, that being too cold. I'm furious with Frigidaire. Nowhere in their literature does it have a warning that adjusting the freezer requires defrosting it first. I feel like they are assholes the way car companies were assholes back before the Japanese taught them a lesson in the late 1970s. Not sure what I'm doing next, but fairly sure it won't involve getting anything made by Frigidaire.   ..418 ..