March 16, 2020: This is the recipe for my favorite home made soup! I make it when I have time and enough ingredients on hand. Usually that means enough greens to make the cooking job worth it.

Homegrown produce I brought in from where it greaw and chopped.     

Started by separating the green leafy matter from the neon stems. Then I chopped the stems into bite sized peices.

Then I weighed the pasta (For me three oz. For Virginia it was more like 2 oz.) into the bowl and added enough water to cover the pasta and stems.

Chopped chard stems about to be boiled.     

Added the chopped stems to the pasta and water. Put it in the nuker for 5 minutes. The idea is to just get the water boiling. If it overflows you over cooked it. For me with this bowl five minutes is right.

While that is cooking I chop the green parts and get down some frozen meat from the freezer.

.321 .

I add a heaping teaspoon of bullion to the semi-cooked soup. At this point the noodles are still hard and the stems still have too sharp a taste. It is all changing fast.

Adding spices to the previously cooked again soup.        

Stir in the bullion. Stir in a dusting of cumin. Stir in a dusting of tumeric. Stir in a generous dusting of herbs de provence.

Adding pinch of cheese.     

Add a pinch of shredded cheese. Stir it up enough to wet and separate the shreds. Add the frozen meat. In this case it was one of the last few packets that Virginia and I salted away in the freezer early in the year. Put it back in the nuker for another two minutes.

Adding leafyness.   

Stir before you add the chopped leafyness. Put it back in the nuker for another two minutes. It comes out wilted down just enough.

Finished cooking it.     

Stir everything together. Eat a pasta shape. If the texture is too stiff cook just a bit more. If it is ready to consume add cold beans out of the fridge to further thicken the broth and cool it down enough to enjoy comfortably. Eat away with the cooking spoon until you are full. If you're about my size and/or activity level it will be gone just before you feel full. Adjust portions to taste next time around if this isn't right for you. Try different stuff until it's perfect.

I eat this dish a lot. The best way to conveniently cook fresh greens with store bought commodities.