The milk, greens, and apple are all left over from the Green Party of California plenary in San Francisco. When Susan gave away the leftovers at the end of the meeting, that was all that was left when I got to the table. I was glad to take it all home. Now I'm eating it. Yumm.

The parsley was given to me by San Jose Food Not Bombs after some event in the Peace Center on 7th St. I think it was their showing of the Dixie Chicks movie, "Shut Up and Sing". This is about the last of that.


I got the blood orange, garlic, onion, peanuts and cucumber at the farmers market I walk to most Sundays around noon. Usually the salad I make when I get home from that trip is the best one of the week. This week I was in the Green Party meeting at that time, so this was the substitute. They only sell fresh peanuts so I boiled these. I ended up adding another handfull of those after I took these pictures.

I got the imitation bacon bits at the Milk Pail Dairy, just south east of California & San Antonio, not far from the Mountain View border with Palo Alto. I think the Milk Pail is one of the few places around here that still feels like an old fashioned hippie food market.  It hangs on, across the street from a Safeway, down the block from a Mexican grocery, on the other side of the block from Trader Joes and Wall Mart. I get a bag of stuff every time I'm riding past when they are open. Sometimes Judy from my Grandmother's Church is working there, and I get the news from that world.  These crunchy nugets of soy protein are so cheap there I can enjoy eating lots of them on my salad.

The carrots and most of the dressing came from Safeway. They came in a plastic bag with the word "organic" on it in big letters. Carrots seem to be the only vegetable I like to buy peeled, so that's about the only one I get there. Peeling carrots is just a hassle to me. There are a few other ingredients in the final product from there. For example the pepper I spinkled on while eating it and the soap I used to clean up when all was said and done. Safeway is harder to get out of my life than tobacco.

I got the vinegar at the Chinese food ingrediants place on Castro St. Mostly they sell cigarettes and alcahol to the downtown residents, but they also carry some interesting other things. My rule is "I'll buy anything from them once if it's under $2". The vinegar is called "Black Vinegar" and cost $1.99. It took me years to use up the first bottle I bought, but now I go through a couple of bottles a year. Delicious on a salad. Slowly I'm finding out they have other good food products to...