Washington, DC has a street (or avenue or whatever) named after every State in the USA in it somewhere. Of those, the only one that is a circle is Washington Circle. I thought about that again when I got those Washington dollar coins out of the light rail ticket vending machine on my way to CineQuest to see Out of Balance Wednesday March 7th. According to Coin World, the US Mint will be putting out Presidential dollar coins at the rate of four a year from now until they run out of Presidents that have been dead at least two years to memorialize that way, maybe the next eleven years. As I type this, the US Mint is cranking up production of the Wasington State quarter. As far as I know, the period during which they are producing both the Washington dollars and the Washington State quarters is the only period in our history when they are putting the same name on two different coins. Even considering Washington was the first President of the USA, and the only one we have named a State after, it has to be something of a coincidence.

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