That paragraph obscured by the coin reads "Texas members of Congress united as Californians in Washington almost never do to make sure the University of Texas at Austin got the multi-billion-dollar federal contract for a 'supercolliding supercollider', a pioneering project conceived at Stanford University and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory."

I'm wondering if they are going to use the money for an "Enron style death star" on the grand scale that government is capable of, the kind of thing that in Washington they call a "train wreak" and here in California we call "a shared experience".

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There are many differences between California and Texas. One of them is that Texas has many small counties, whereas California has only 53 counties, most of which are quite big. There are also lots of similarities, things like both having a variety of ecosystems within their borders. Bragging about California, I'd say our highest point is much higher than Texas's highest point, and our lowest point is 282 feet below sea level, whereas their lowest point is the sea shore.