These were by far the most interesting things in my junk mail the last day of November. I haven't seen any of the coins pictured in that ad in general circulation. I got the California one at the Coin Broker, but I had to pay $1.07 (including tax) for it. I look at my change as it comes in, but none of those quarters have ever been in it, for whatever reason. The Iraq/Iran event was Tuesday Dec. 7th, 2010. Dorothy Fadiman's movie was a week later.

I ordered the coins. That pill bottle was the inner packaging they came in. They are the only quarters minted this year I got through the mail. For nine of the ten kinds, they are the only ones I've touched personally. For most of them, they are the only ones I've looked at closely. Considering that I went out of my way to get them I'd say the pill bottle is apropos. I fear I'm getting addicted to coin collecting.