I'm quite proud of getting my power bill down to $13.91 last month. It makes me feel downright pre-Columbian. I think it's the lowest my power bill has been in years. That's partly because I was road tripping to my sister's daughter's wedding. I'm out of town for a couple of weeks every year or so, but when I usually travel it's Thanksgiving and the rest of the month I use some heat. This time I traveled during a heating free month!

Cleaning my desk, these were by far the most interesting stamps I found!  Thanks to Peter Myers for the Cuban one. Iain of AFDA is behind the other one. It's not often I see a Fairie in a chariot pulled by a couple of small birds.

Cleaning my stove, I found this Ballot Access News from last year ('09).  In my laundry change finding Illinois quarters is harder than finding Virginia quarters. I think that's because I like feeding Illinois quarters to GNV-333.

I've long wanted a reason to put the buffalo quarters in a picture together. That BFC stamp is it! The stamps both came in my mail. Neither is good for postage, but I like both. Another reason for the quarters is that I wanted to put change between the BuffaloFieldCampaign.org and Nemo.