When Peace and Freedom lost ballot status the first time they fought it. They needed their ballot status as an organizing tool. They went around and collected thousands of voter registration forms with their name on it and used them to get their numbers back up with a voter registration drive. Americans Elect was never that visible on the streets. I think they got on the ballot via paid signature gatherers. Taking them off the ballot is almost a matter of cleaning off a confusion factor. I've not heard about Americans Elect doing anything to fight being knocked off the ballot, but if they do likely I'll mention it in a future comment like this one.

My hope for the Green Party isn't in candidates. I've found that we didn't get enough attention to really make much difference that way. It's at the local level. When somebody registers Green Party, they're saying "I'm done with waiting for the two party system to solve every problem." When you stop voting for oil companies at the gas pump, the money you save is change we can believe in. When you register Green the other parties will have to realize they'll need to be better than nothing to get your vote. I'm registered Green. Many times I've told someone else, "the best thing about the Green Party isn't the leadership, it's the membership." It's thin soup, but contrast that with being an accomplice to war crimes, which is the message I get when I find out someone is either a Republican or a Democrat. That's not soup, that's swill!

Killswitch is a great movie about network neutrality. It features stirring interviews with such pundits as Lawrence Lessig, and more about Aaron Schwartz than I'd head anywhere else. The general message was that "Network Neutrality is a good thing, but we're not going to keep it unless we fight for it." The movie was followed by a Q&A with the Director. In it he promised that sooner or later "Killswitch will be available for free on the internet." Between then and now it likely had a limited theatrical release. I'd say see it if you get the chance.