August 5th, 2015: I'm reading this book right now. Found that coin in my change buying something while I was early in reading it. Despite being the gazillionth State Parks quarter, I think this is the first one with "PARK" on it. It's also the first quarter I've noticed that features a road.

Back in my Orange County days I heard someone say "There's karma and there's dharma. Karma is what you make for yourself in your life. Dharma is what's out there. Simply what it is, so to speak." This picture sort of captures the "what it is" of that for me. The top part of it is where I am in the book I'm reading right now. The bottom part is a piece of paper I found cleaning house. The top part of that was from some expert on my radio explaining that your carbon footprint is a function of the things you use energy for. Your carbon handprint is a function of how your ideas impact other peoples carbon footprints. The bottom line came from some caller on a radio talk show more recently. The feather and leaf were laying on my porch about where I took this picture when I started composing it.

This is the first book in ages that I've enjoyed enough to be hauling it around for reading more of again as I get the opportunity on transit and stuff like that!

August 18th, 2015: Now I'm looking forward to those evenings with nothing to do so I can read more of this thing!

Sept. 1st, 2015: I don't want to spoil the ending for you. I finished the thing at least a couple of weeks ago. Suffice it to say that I enjoyed that read!

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