I remember when there was only one Green in the California State Legislature. I want to say she didn't get membership on every committee, but I'm only sure that's not what I heard about. All I'm sure of is that it's rare for the San Jose Mercury News to have a pair of ballot access stories next to each other on the page like that. I found these articles on page 7 of Sunday November 14th's San Jose Mercury News (2010).

The above listed elected officials likely experience something similar as far as political isolation goes.

March 3rd, 2016: For some reason I have more respect for a political party that will invest the resources to run their own primary than I have for a bureaucrat like Alex Padilla that won't let a party put whomever they want on their Presidential Party Primary line. For sure I'm never going to vote for that guy. That being said, I feel sad that Darryl Cherney got zero votes in that Illinois primary. It's like Illinois never heard of Redwood Summer.

Friday July 14th, 2017: I like to honor the names of Green Party members that get themselves elected with some air time here. How about these New Englanders!

September 29th 2017: Unless you know Representative Chapman personally likely this is news to you as it was to me. Wishing the legislator good luck! Picture is of a page in the Oct. 2017 issue of Ballot Access News.

December 1st, 2017: Love finding tidbits like this while browsing the mail.