I don't remember when I figured out there is way too much attention paid to national media by the papers that publish mainstream stuff. By the time the 2nd Bush era was over, I was looking for some way to fight back. I was surprised when Obama got elected, but with that came a feeling that I gotta figure out some way to treat all the Presidents the same, despite the fact the media claims they are different from each other. After I saw Obama inaugurated I sheared all of the hair off my head. After Trump got inaugurated I did it again.


This time Virginia helped me get it done, so the first thing I did was adopt her haircut. Looked silly!


It was fun trying out different haircuts one after another!


By this time there were only trace amounts of the hair I'd grown during the Obama era left on my head.


By the time we got done we'd spent too much time on the project and we had to rush off to get zombie makeup for bike party's Apocalypse Ride. Lizzy had to get it done before work, so we were working with a hard deadline. The last picture was taken there, which is why the lighting is so different.