It started raining yesterday as I type this. Last evening when I went by the creek was running. Unfortunately, we'll need more rain before it keeps running. Hopefully the next rain will bring the steelhead.


All the signs of fall are going on. The deciduous trees are bright, and many of them have lost their leaves already. All of the low hanging fruit has been picked from the persimmon tree. The rest is too high for me to reach from the sidewalk.


The orange trees, on the other hand, are just starting their season. I can stand on the sidewalk and reach up and pick an orange without any trouble.

This orange was a bit tart, but quite delicious. I only take an orange or two at a time, and I always eat everything I take. Banditos that come around and strip the tree make me as mad as the land owners. The trees I take fruit from have enough fruit that it is no hardship to the homeowner to do without my snacks. Usually they still have fruit on them at the end of the season, when the flavor is no longer as good.


These oranges are much bigger, and also quite delicious.


The pyrocanthia looks good, but the birds that usually eat it aren't hanging around chirping up a storm yet.