The thank you pancake breakfast started with a nice meal of fruit, muffins, pancakes, sausage, vegan bacon, coffee, orange and apple juices. What I remember from the discussion around the table I was sitting at was the guy from the Mountain View peace vigil saying he had heard that Gary Webb had died at his Sacramento home of an apparent suicide.

Brief discussion of Gary Webb from the back cover of Dark Alliance.

Several people had comments like "apparent suicide", delivered in a sarcastic tone that sounded like the question "Who is he investigating now?" We batted it around a bit, but nobody had any insights that were more penetrating than the ones in the obit I was pointed to the next morning. Click on the above blurb from the back cover of my copy of Dark Alliance, the guy's most famous book to find out what I found out at his funeral a week later. Then we had a speaking session to listen to....

Warner pointificating.   Stephanie pointificating.   Mike pointificating.

Warner Bloomberg thanked the many people that worked on his campaign. Then he gave the money that was left over from it to the Green Party of Santa Clara County. Our Candidate for AD 23 urged other people to think of running for office, because it is a good way to get the word out on whatever it is that you feel needs to be discussed. Warner promised to answer anybodys questions about the process, and urged them to get in touch with him through his website or the phone book.

Stephanie Schaaf also had good things to say. She read a couple of fabulously empowering quotes about participating in the political system. Everybody gave her a good hand when she sat down.

Mike passed around the bucket and urged everybody to give generously.

   People schmoozing.   Four stand for the camera.

Then we spent some time mixing. One of the things that struck me was that two families showed up in force. That picture on the right is a pair of brothers with the guy on the right's daugther and the exchange student from Germany that was there with the other family. (From the left: Lisa, Pari, Bob, and Ron) They gave the event a nice feel that I enjoyed tremendously.

People talking over food.

Guy shows a piece of art.   Lois in the kitchen.

Warner brought some Art that had been donated by a famous Berkeley artist to his campaign. He said in his speech that they were apreciation gifts for donors that gave generously to the Green Party of Santa Clara County. This guy was from that group. Thank you big donor!

Lois ran the kitchen, everything from managing the cooking to making sure everybody that wanted some took home leftovers. Thank you Lois!

Two guys talk.   DanaAndWarnerOnCouch

A meeting.Meeting in chairs

I think this group was organizing our next big meeting.