Argentina is not famous for its silver production, despite the impression its name gives people that know Latin.

I remember back in my videogame days talking to my boss one time. He said "Dark Side of the Moon never made it to the top of the Billboard charts, but it has been on them longer than every other record." I got a copy during my AOL days partly because I was wondering how important that quote was.

Carol was my neighbor for a few years, many years ago. She is still on my email list, but she rarely if ever has anything to say to me. I think the below is the only comment of hers I ever even thought of putting on my website. I got it long before gas reached $2 per gallon.

Carol writes:

>Despite my busy life -- volunteer work is out of hand --, I had a
>lunch with a friend yesterday and he made a comment and I immediately
>thought of you. He doesn't know what the real number is, he knows
>it was calculated or estimated, but the gist was that for every American

>flag flopping on the top or side of an urban assault vehicle, the
>gas mileage goes down by 0.5 mpg. maybe it is only .25, but the effect
>will be large. I haven't had a chance to search the web for any details.
Peaceful patriotic American flag logo.
The engineer in me is so pleased to bring materials into the discussion! A flag sticker is much more aerodynamic, and says the same thing. Not only that, but they don't shred in the wind as I have seen many of those things do.  As you can see from the example at the right, stickers can have that "flapping quality". It figures that the clueless in suburbia would find yet another way to waste gas.

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