According to my dictionary, this is what voltage is:

Walking down the street, it is not so obvious what that has to do with this:

However, it is not hard to learn that there are experts, and they know all about the wires behind that panel. Most people know that the wires are part of the network that delivers power to their homes, and that voltage has something to do with that.

Stuff like this seems like a cute coincidence:

I can assure you that those e-coli on the seal on the cap are purely for show, and are not contageous except in the pure entertainment value sense of the word. I can't fathom why somebody would want to drink voltage, but to each his own is the way I look at it.

When I was making up this page, I wanted to show you what the professors had made me write down about the subject when I was in engineering school. The problem with that idea was that Voltage was too basic an idea to take up much space in the notebooks I kept. However, I found this in my Engineering Electro-magnetics text book:

In my classnotes for Monday September 10, 1979 I found the above summarized as:

It is typical of the world I live in that the only people that are making any money off of "voltage" are the soft drink marketing people that are using the word to sell spiced and colored sugar water in disposable packaging. Since realizing this, I have taken to telling people that "we need to put the Voltage back in the light socket where it belongs!"

Tian Harter