Tom Campbell was my Congressman when I left Silicon Valley in 1991. He did a lot of great Town Hall Meetings in those days, and attending them is what turned me on to the political system. When I came back from my road trip in '99, he was the Congressman for the next district to the South, with his new District Office in Campbell, California. Several times I wondered why he did that.

Now Mike Honda is the Congressman there. Apparently, Stanford told Campbell that if he didn't start teaching class on a regular basis, they were going to revoke his tenure. He decide that since being a Congressman wasn't better than being a Professor, he would return after his term expired in 2001. Before he returned to the ivory tower, he ran one last public campaign. That time he was the Republican Party's sacrificial lamb in the U.S. Senate race. I really enjoyed finding out about his joint appearances with Medea Benjamin, who was the Green Party Candidate.