When I lived in Sacramento, there were some free weekly newspapers you could get business card size ad space in for $20 to $40 a pop. My idea of donating to a worthy cause was running ads like these. My favorite newspaper, the Suttertown News, had an editor who did everything by bicycle. I was literally supporting people that lived my belief structure.

I gave out hundreds of copies of this one at public events during the NAFTA debate.

For much more detail on this idea, please read The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken

This one sounds very similar to the soliloquy done by the security guard in the San Francisco Mime Troupe play about the impacts of NAFTA. The one where he starts by saying "the less jobs there are doing anything else, the more jobs there are doing security," and then goes on to explain that he used to be a family farmer, but he got put out of business by the eeeevil megacorporate industrial farms. I saw an early version of the play, and after it was over I pointed out to the writer that industrial farming wasn't possible without major expenditures on fossil fuels, and she added the explanation of how they worked to his monologue (I guess). It was a revelation to me that anyone could put so much information in such an entertaining play.