In the December 1, 2001 issue of Ballot Access News, there is a table of the top minor party U.S. House Candidates during the period 1948-2000, listed by state. There are five Greens on the list:

State Year Candidate District Votes Percent
Alaska 1994 Joni Whitmore at-large 21,277 10.23%
Maine 1992 Jonathan Carter 2nd 27,526 8.84%
New Mexico 1997 Carol A. Miller 3rd 17,101 16.78%
Pennsylvania 1998 William Belitskus 5th 17,734 15.13%
Washington 2000 Joe Szwaja 7th 52,142 19.62%

I got this Hot Sauce on Friday November 30, 2001 at IKO IKO at 633 St. Peter Street in New Orleans. The guy who sold it to me assured me that it was the hottest hot sauce he had ever tasted. It is the only bottle I have ever gotten that came with what appears to be a fire extinguisher. The warning chili on the neck says to use at your own risk.

P.S.: As of January 2004, I still had most of the bottle. The sad truth of the matter is that it is MUCH too hot to flavor food you want to eat with. I ended up giving away that bottle of hot sauce to Cameron Spitzer. Last time I checked, he hadn't consumed much of it either. It really was very spicy.

Another note: I visited New Orleans again the Thanksgiving before Katrina hit, and Iko Iko was gone. The woman who ran the new store in the same space said I wasn't the only person who had come by since she opened there looking for the previous tenant. On that trip I got a bottle of orange hot sauce that claimed to be "hotter than Louisiana politics." It was hot, but not too hot to flavor food with.