When we got to the restaurant the outcome of the election was still in doubt according to the numbers. Polls had just closed in Mountain time zone and the pundits were still spinning strategic webs that gave the impression that McCain might win, even though it was "tough".

The main reason we were there was to celebrate the end of this campaign trail for Peter Myers and Carol Brouillet, our congressional candidates. For me, most of Peter's friends were new faces. I spent most of the time until the food came out meeting some of them.


We were still eating when word came that the AP had called the election for Obama and McCain was about to concede. There was a mad rush to get the restaurant to turn up the volume so we could hear the concession speech.

McCain was very gracious. He congratulated Obama for his historic win and pledged to work together with him going forward.


After McCain left the stage Peter read the results according to the Santa Clara County registrar of voters. His iPhone was all it took. Neither he nor Carol was within shot of winning the race.

We went back to socializing after that. A bit later attention returned to the TVs, where Barak Obama took the stage.



By the end of the speech lots of us had tears in our eyes, including me.


Near the end of the evening I talked to Peter. He was saying something like "this isn't the last race I'm going to run, but it is the last race I'm going to lose." Hopefully he has learned a thing or two from this campaign that will serve him well next time.