Pat Gray For Congress now has an office a ten minute walk from the South San Francisco CalTrain station. I know, because that's how I got up there for her office opening party.


Some time after this picture was taken I asked Erica what she thought of the Green Party Convention in Milwaukee. She said she hadn't gone, but she sort of wished we had come out of it more united. She pondered that since we are grass roots that's probably OK. I told her that I'm telling people "not only do we have a Presidential Candidate whose strategy is to contest the uncontested states, we have another one getting on the ballot to siphon off resources." Ours is not the kind of Presidential strategy that will deliver a Green White House this year. Working on Pat Gray's campaign seems like a much better option, in my opinion. I volunteered to walk some precincts for her.

George from Annie and the Vets was wandering around selling these CDs. If you haven't heard it you should seek out an opportunity to do so. The songs are crisp, sharp, folksy, and very anti-war. They talk about how it all looks from the point of view of battlefield veterans, and are nicely done. The titles of some of the songs give you an idea of the contents "Smart Bombs & Stupid Leaders", "Touch A Name On The Wall", "Connecticut Yankee", and "Pipeline". That last one explains some of the implications of being addicted to Texas tea, as it is sometimes called.


Margaret (holding the Pat Gray flier) mentioned that she is thinking about running for San Carlos City Council next year.


Cody wants the world to see that he is a watermelon green.

Meanwhile, there were lots of interesting conversations going on around us...