The last face to face debate between Gerry Brown and Meg Whitman was billed as "the green debate". It was at Dominican University. A bunch of Greens showed up to protest the hypocrisy of having a "Green Debate" without a Green Party candidate (or any other independent party candidates for that matter) on the stage. Somebody with a ticket saw Laura Wells protesting and gave her a studio audience ticket to the show. She tried to use it to get in, and security arrested her for trespassing. She got way more press for getting arrested at the debate than any thing else she did during the campaign.

Laura Wells was scheduled in Marin County's Courthouse on Tuesday November 2nd. She asked for supporters to show up and watch from the visitors gallery for moral support. Dana decided to organize a bunch from Santa Clara County to go help with staring at the judge while he ruled on Laura's case. She insisted that I bring my camera with me. Here is what I saw.


We got there a little early, and as per Dana's plan we had lunch. It so happens that the Marin County Government building has a nice little cafeteria in room 237, so we ate there. The food was nothing special, but the place was clean, well lit, and there was plenty of space.

To get to the courthouse we had to go through security. That meant that we couldn't take certain things with us. For me that meant my steel water bottle had to go. The same was true for the signs that we had brought and a few other things. I ended up taking a load of stuff out to Fred's car. When I got back the press conference was already in progress.

Carol Brouillet videotaped Laura Wells statement. Click here to see that.


After that we found out that they had put off the hearing, so we were done. We posed for a group shot.


Dana had done considerable footwork to get WILPF to take this stand, so even though she couldn't show it to the judge she wanted you to see her sign.

I got a ride home from Carol Brouillet and her son. We had a fascinating discussion about role playing games, among other topics. He is very familiar with Dungeons and Dragons and Paranoia, among others. I told him "the difference between politics and other role playing games is that in politics your life is more likely to be threatened than taken, but you only get one life."

The next day I saw an article the gist of which was that the University had dropped charges against Laura.