Gerry Gras organized a carpool of Santa Clara County Greens to go up to Laura Wells for Governor's campaign kickoff event. He told me "bring your camera." I did, and these were the best of the pictures I took.


Greg Jan started the speaking portion of the event by introducing all of the elected officials, former Green Party Candidates, and meeting officials like Sanda, who is live netcasting the event so people in other locations can watch live, including at least one person in New York. Then one by one he introduced the notables who had something to share with us. They would come up, say a few words, and then the next one would do the same.


The first was Larry Bragman from Fairfax, up in Marin County. He fumed about how bond rating agencies require paperwork they can't afford to hire the staff to do to to get a good rating. He called it a subsidy for big cities.

Then Lew Tremaine, Mayor of Fairfax took the stage. He talked about how we need to work together to fight PG&E's ballot initiative that will require a 66% super majority to set up a local utility district. He also urged us all to work hard to get Laura's message out.


Wilson Riles really gets people going. He talked about about how the State and Federal governments are putting the squeeze on Oakland, forcing the city to raise traffic ticket fines just to tread water on revenue from them. By the end of his speech we were all cheering and booing on queue. He left the stage to a very warm hand.

This guy is running for Mayor of Oakland. I wish I could remember his name. He had good things to say about Laura Wells though.


Gayle McLaughlin, Mayor of Richmond gave us an update on her battle with the Chevron refinery in her town. That Chevron tax the voters had passed last year had been tied up in court for a long time. The Judge had finally thrown it out on a technicality, so Gayle is going back to the voters with new language that handles the Judges objections this year. On top of that, they have a ballot initiative to take the cap off the utility tax on the refinery. As if that isn't enough, Gayle McLaughlin is also running for re-election this year. She is looking forward to doing something with Laura on the campaign trail.

The restaurant was full. They were lined up at the back because there weren't any more chairs.


Laura also sounded good. Please visit her website for more information. Click here for that.


After it was over I met some of the people in the crowd. Dave Heller is gathering signatures to get his name on the ballot as a Congressional Candidate in Barbara Lee's District.

On her way out I told Gayle McLaughlin that I feel honored to be in the same political party as her. I just couldn't think of any higher praise to offer her. I gave her a 2010 Native-American dollar coin hoping that she will get a chance to look at the art on it sometime.


It was fun to schmooze around. Lots of people got their pictures taken with Laura Wells.

There was some press coverage about the event. KQED and KPFA have both mentioned the campaign now. Click here for one webpage Sue told me about. Sue put the best summary of the talks I've seen in her facebook pictures. Click here to go there.