The broadcast debate wasn't very good. I don't like the sound of Mitt Romney's voice, and he spoke way too much.


My battery died before I got a good picture of Barak Obama.

Democracy NOW! pasted live feeds of the other candidates on the ballot in with the responses of Obama and Romney. The effect was that they had just as long to provide their answers. The other points of view made the show MUCH MORE INTERESTING! For example on healthcare Obama and Romney waved their hands and talked about "keeping prices from going up." Jill Stein talked about investing more in preventative care. Things like eating fresh vegetables that were grown locally. What a difference!

Now I'm excited by Jill Stein's campaign, as if I wasn't already. I'm also excited about Democracy NOW! That was a great way to improve the quality of debate! Now we've got to get a lot more people to watch their version of the other debates!