I'd heard that Jill Stein was going to be speaking that evening in Berkeley. A couple of hours on various trains and I managed to get there about when the announcer was saying that Jill Stein was too sick to address us today. Despite that, the show must go on so we'd have the rest of the gang as promised.


David Cobb introduced himself as a "social change activist from way back." He explained that the USA is in profound need of revolutionary change. Despite that, the status quo continues to float along, doing far more damage than it should in far too many ways. He gave examples of how white privilege is an invisible force to those who wield it. He explained that as a Green he has renounced violence, making the soap box and the ballot box the only tools for making and measuring progress available to him. He believes in self defense and so forth, but social change is about more than just "me".


I didn't catch this guys name. He's a young activist from the northern part of California. He described being a Bernie Delegate at the Democratic Convention, and having his credentials rejected when Clinton won. He's working for Jill Stein now "Because we can't let that shit stand!" He sees voting for Stein as a revolutionary act.

Then the announcer came out and introduced YahNe Ndgo, the progressive bombshell from Occupy Wall St. and the Bernie campaign.


YahNe talked about going to Houston to take over the Green Party and getting a "Please take us over, the microphone is yours" response. By the time she was done I was sure voting for Jill Stein would usher in a new era of clear thinking in Government.


I think this guys name is Kor Element. Sounds like "core element". He did a video that went very viral, essentially saying "Jill Stein is the candidate of the 99%". He gave us a few minutes of reasons he likes the Green Party and then did a live rendition of the song. It was a rock show for those four minutes.


While Element was doing his thing I noticed this guy in the audience who was wearing the only football shirt in the venue. Makes sense that Kaepernik would be the left's favorite football player, measured by fan apparel in the room.

This speaker is a socialist progressive city council member from Seattle, Washington or some place like that. She spoke about making a difference for her constituents because she wasn't already owned by Boeing and the banks. She urged us to make a difference by getting involved with making change happen. She explained that voting for Jill Stein is part of that. Then she brought up her campaign manager. He gave a dry and technical presentation, the gist of which was that all over the country when real progressives get the message out on a good campaign we win elections and it works out well for the people of the district.


YahNe came back out and spoke of what an inspiration to her Ajamu Baraka is. Then she introduced him, the Green Party's candidate for Vice President of the United States.

Ajama Baraka explained that Jill Stein sees her campaign as a channel for bringing attention to progressive causes. That's why she went to the Dakota Badlands to "Stand With Standing Rock!" and did many things with Black Lives Matter and many other causes over the past few months. He's seen a lot of energy and he is sure something is happening around us. He asked us to vote for him and Jill next month.


These were things I picked up at the event. The guy giving out the white fliers was giving people inch high stacks and pleading with them to give one to everyone you can find that would be swayed by it.