The transition from the meeting to the evening party was a bit chaotic, so a lot of people ended up going somewhere else.

Despite that, there was something like two dozen of us sharing stories and talking into the evening.


The conversation was mostly lifestyle issues and stuff like that. The most memorable thing I heard was Amy explaining to me that she "used to collect everything, but now she only collects nothing." She also told me I should go to the rainbow family gathering this summer. I had first met her earlier in the day, when she had been tabling for to the left of the stage at the plenary.



One of the most interesting buttons on this guys vest was a Brown '92. He was of the opinion that if the guy had entered the race before Jimmy Carter had sewn up the votes in '76, Gerry Brown might have been President of the United States. Most of the rest I had seen in other contexts before now. I gather the guy has run for City Council in Santa Monica several times. Maybe if he keeps trying he will get elected....

We all helped some with cleanup, but this guy did more work than anybody else.