Fred wanted a road trip to inaugurate his new Hybrid Honds Civic, so we (Fred, Dana, Gerry, and I) carpooled to the Statewide meeting in it. I took this picture about half way down there.


We got to the meeting as the CC was gathering to eat. The food was vegetarian, and quite yummy.

Then they all crowded into a classroom for a meeting that had a lot on the agenda.

The first order of business was some matter that had originally been discussed in executive session, so they couldn't talk about what it was. However, they could talk about talking about it, so that's what they did. For so much time the school kicked us out before they got around to anything else. (I'm exagerating, they did talk about a few substantial things, but I seem to have forgotten what they were.)

Every now and then there would be a photogenic moment, but usually they would pass before I got my camera out. For example, there was the time they gave Jo Chamberlain a service award for all the time and effort she has put into the Green Party, since she will be retiring from the CC before the next meeting.

One thing I really liked was the fact that many more regions of California were represented at the meeting then there used to be. It was good to see people from different worlds communicating and working together to be the Green Party of California CC. I'm hoping if there is anything that comes up where they need to work together to move forward, they will find the political will to do so. Seems like they have able enough people for the job...