The Ventura Plenary was a generally well received General Assembly with
medium attendance; approximately 100 attendees with 66 delegates.

-A resolution stating GPCA support for the impeachment of the President
and Vice President, Secretary of Defense and Attorney general was passed.

-An endorsement of all Green Party candidates winning their primary
election of June 6 was passed.

-An endorsement policy for statewide candidates was passed.

-Two platform planks were passed. Unions and Agricultural Economics.

-The 2006/07 GPCA budget was passed with many amendments from the floor.

-A GPCA membership policy was passed, limiting decision making rights to
registered Green Party members and individuals who are unable to
register to vote, but who are recognized by their counties.

-Two new active counties became eligible for delegates at this
plenary: San Benito and Kern counties. Congratulations!

-Ellen Maison, Los Angeles Co. was elected to an At-Large CC Rep position.
Jared Laiti, Sonoma Co. was re-elected to an At-Large CC Rep position.

-Elected to serve on the GPCA's National Delegation to the GPUS are:
Marilyn Ditmanson, Steve Loebs, Susan King, Jared Laiti.
Elected as alternates to GPCA's National Delegation to the GPUS are:
Bud Dickinson, Chuck Giese and Greg Jan.

-A caucus on Green Party democracy issues was formed and met.
-The Women's caucus had a larger than usual meeting.
-Many important bylaw proposals were considered, with some being
rescheduled to subsequent General Assemblies.

-Other new officers elected or introduced at the plenary are:
. Ken Smith/Chuck Giese, CC Rep/Alt from the East Bay region.
. Jo Chamberlain (1st Alt) Andrea Dorey (2nd Alt) from San
Mateo/Santa Clara,
respectively, elected as CC Alt Reps from the Silicon Valley region.
. KCM Curry and Consuelo Delgado elected as co-coordinators of Green
Issues Working Group.
. Ellen Maisen as CC Liaison to Green Issues, pending CC confirmation.
. Jo Chamberlain, elected as Co-Coordinator of Electoral Reform
Working Group.

-Draft minutes from this plenary will be able to be reviewed at:
<>, as soon as available.
These minutes are scheduled for ratification at the next plenary.

-THE NEXT PLENARY is scheduled for September 9-10 in South Lake Tahoe,
El Dorado County, hosted by the Green Party of El Dorado County.
Please stay tuned to <> for details on
proposals, logistics and registration.

Thank you for attending and for your Green Party work in your home county.

...Your Agenda Team...