Erika speaks in front of the Media Committee.   Valerie in Media. 

Erica (in red) ran the show. Clearly this committee is her baby.

Two people listen in media.   Two guys in green shirts sit.   Craig and Davy in media.

Bob Smith and two others in the meeting.   Pat reads something.

After a while I figured out that the main goal of this committee was to put out press releases and stuff like that the Coordinating Committee thinks is a good idea. Yeah, it probably is going to be good for the Green Party's image, but I didn't feel like my expertise was really needed there. I left.

Later in the evening, talking to Gloria I found out that Green Issues had a breakout session where they talked about the the implications of peak oil. She said "I found myself wishing you had been there." I'm still wondering if there is anything I could have said that would have made a difference. Oh well...