At first I wasn't going to take any pictures while they polled the States to find out whom they wanted for Presidential Nominee. I took this picture of Sara telling the world we were giving Peter Camejo the lions share of our votes and then sat down. It slowly occurred to me that there was a lot going on in this exercise, and I decided to try and capture it. I started taking pictures.

These guys are Florida. I wasn't sure until I looked at a closeup I took of one of the doves. It had FLORIDA GREEN PARTY on it.




I think the guy in front of the EQUAL RIGHTS sign is Rich Zitola, a Massachusetts Green Candidate. He's announcing MA's votes, part of what happened below. They must have put up that sign when they shifted the mike to him.



Those sunflowers the Michigan Greens are holding have the ten key values on them. It was one of the better visuals of the morning.


About then I ran out of media for my camera. It's too bad, because I would love to have a picture of the Missouri Delegation, with a caption saying that they had prefaced their vote announcement with "The Great State of Missouri, where John Ashcroft got beat in an election by a dead guy."

Click here for the rest of the pictures from that episode...

To make a long story short, the first round of voting was inconclusive. We had to go for a second round. That was inconclusive for a long time. Every time another state voted the neck and neck quality of Cobb and No Candidate just got bigger numbers. After a while Cobb slowly crept ahead, but Mesplay got so many votes that there wasn't a clear majority for anything. Finally, it came down to Texas. Everyone else had voted and their wasn't a decision yet. Texas gave many votes to Cobb, putting him over the top by a squeaker with maybe 20 votes to spare. The place went nuts!

I told that story at the Mountain View Voices for Peace meeting a week later, and Fred said "except for the two fifths of us that were silent" with a smile. I'm hoping those divisions will heal...