The accreditation committee asked if Alaska was in the house, and when they remained silent they lost their votes for the weekend. Then they did a few other procedural things.

The Native Americans did a nice opening ceremony. She talked about her friend Walt Brassert (now deceased) that had been there from the begining, working as part of the group that came up with the Ten Key Values. She finished by saying that the Native Americans would be there for the Green Party for a long time. The guy did a nice little medicine man dance, once for each of the six directions.


Holly Hart of Iowa and Bud Dickenson of California asked for consensus on the 2004 version of the platform. They got it.


Every now and then there would be a break in the action, and I would wander around looking for interesting sights to record.

There weren't many candidates that had what they were trying to do boiled down to a sign. In fact, Pam was the only one I saw. I just had to put her picture here.


Click on the picture of Tony to see what the Milwaukee paper had to say that morning about the Green Party Presidential Nomination.


I think this is the only picture of me with a Vice Presidential Candidate that exists.