The only way I could get Susan King to let me take her picture was to do a group shot of her and her friends from the San Francisco Greens she was with at the time. Woodie, June, Paul Quick MD, Susan and (help me here).

Santa Clara County Greens. Dana is not shown because we didn't know where she was at that time, and if we didn't do a picture then the opportunity was going to evaporate. From the left: Tian, Jim, Mike, and Fred.

One of the great things about having the meeting in Milwaukee was that it was Fred's home town. After the meeting he showed me some of the sights there. Unfortunately, my floppies were all full of convention pictures, so I couldn't take pictures of that. However, Fred saw me dip my feet in Lake Michigan, part of the Great Lakes system (between them they are the biggest body of fresh water on the planet). Ask him about it if you doubt me.


Friday there was a guy wandering around beating his chest about the importance of beer to Milwaukee, so I took this picture of his fanny pack and promised to put it on my website. That evening we had a block party outside the hotel, where the Milwaukee Veterans for Peace were pouring great organic beer for $2/cup. To a Californian like me that was an incredible value. Here those beers would have cost at least $5. There were also several food booths. I had the Fish Fry because Fred explained that's the traditional Friday feed in Milwaukee.

The music that went with it was great to. The headliner was Michelle Shocked. After the concert Medea introduced me to her. After I gave Michelle my little speech she patted me on the head and called me a "green buddha". I've told many people that story already. I seriously doubt any incumbent has the same power to give out stories that draw smiles. But then I'm a Michelle Shocked fan.... :-) I've been one ever since I heard that song about how revolutionary it is to make home made jam on her Arkansas Traveler CD.

I took this picture of the Nevada Delegation because they asked me to...

This was the only picture of the event I saw in the main Milwaukee newspaper. It was part of an article about the convention, most of which was about Ralph Nader. Even the headline was "Nader's loyalty to Greens debated". The next days headline was "Greens rebuke Nader". Telling media that isn't interested that there is more to the Green Party than Ralph Nader is what I can only call an exercise in frustration.