I took these pictures before the event began, but I wanted to show you what the candidates (scroll down for those) were looking out at before I get to them.

That roped off area is the press box. It had lots of people in it by the time the Presidential Candidates took the stage.

The California delegation was seated near that exit sign on the right.

That screen with the Green Party logo on it had a video feed on it during the show. Everybody in the hall could see both the person at the podium and the signer interpreting for the hearing impaired on it.


JoAnne Bier-Beemon was Michigan's favorite daughter candidate. She talked about how the main accomplishment of her campaign was building some eagle habitat upstream from Lake Michigan. They have even been blessed with their first hatchlings at this point in time. She is sure that by November they will know how to fly.

Peter Camejo was California's favorite son candidate. He wanted everybody to vote for him on the first round, and then for No Candidate on following rounds. He explained that if that position prevailed it would then be possible to endorse the Nader/Camejo ticket.

Lorna Salzman threw her support behind the Nader/Camejo ticket.


David Cobb made an impassioned plea for people's votes. He thanked his many supporters for the work they have done to get the campaign to the convention in good shape. He spoke with alarm about the environmental crisis our country faces. He spent considerable time on the many benefits of IRV for cleaning up our electoral process. He said we need to get out of Iraq soon.

Carol Miller of New Mexico threw her support behind the Nader/Camejo ticket.

Kent Mesplay put himself forward as a compromise candidate if people couldn't decide weather to support Camejo or Cobb. He made it very clear that he is in favor of sustainable technology, even mentioning that he grew up in a rainforest as a way of saying he knew what that looked like.