When I got my bed at the Arlington House sorted out it was still earlyish. I took a shower and then headed down to the Palmer Hilton to see how the opening reception was working out. When I got there they were still giving candidates brief periods to address the gathering. I remember hearing "Illinois" a lot. Maybe part of it was the home state effect, but Illinois is running a lot of Green Candidates this year.


I took this picture after the moderator asked all of the candidates in the room to stand. Many of the tables in the room are not shown. They all had a sprinkling of candidates.


I think Isis (the woman with my sticker) was a Johny-come-lately to the Presidential race. She had the idea that she could show up and we would nominate her without her running in the primarys. I gotta admit I enjoyed talking to her a lot, but it didn't change my opinion that running in the California Primary matters. She told me about a party where all of the other candidates were strategizing, so I decided to go to it.


Jesse Johnson was also there, but I never got a good picture of the guy.



Kat Swift as Wonder Woman. I never saw Hillary do that...

It turned out that Kent Mesplay was also staying at the Arlington House. I found out because I was sitting in the lobby when he got in. We talked for a few minutes. He told me that he had done half a dozen campaign trips for his presidential campaign. He put ten to twenty hours a week into it over the past year. His proudest accomplishment of the race was helping the Arizona Green Party get on the ballot.