Sunday morning when I got to the El stop the greens there just spontaneously gaggled and started talking. The two guys were pumped about getting the Green Youth caucus making something happen. The Volunteer State Candidate and his wife were looking forward to getting TN active.


Not long after I got there Cynthia McKinney was organizing the troops. She had a long list of things her campaign needed people to do. She also wanted people who wanted to do something else to visit and volunteer to do it for her campaign. She explained that it is important to do all the paperwork correctly, because the FEC would love to give her all kinds of harassment and levy stiff fines if she doesn't. The questions people were asking gave me the impression that a lot of work will be done on her behalf.


Then this guy from the ballot access committee took the stage. He wants the campaign to be on the ballot in as many States as possible. He went down a long list saying things like "Alaska needs help to get on the ballot... If you are in California, all the States around you are on the ballot, so help any other State where you have connections and they need it. If you live in Illinois help Missouri until the deadline July 28th and then help Kentucky." The list went on and on. He talked fast to get through the whole thing in the alloted five minutes. Click his picture to find out more.


I vividly remember the redhead on the left telling me "Nebraska is the only State in the nation with public power." The woman with her in the picture is running for Senator in Illinois. Click the picture for details on that.

I had to leave to catch the bus soon after that. The only other Green on the westbound Greyhound was Mitch/Midge Potz, who got off in St. Louis. S/he is planning to run for Senator from Missouri in a couple of years when the seat is on the ballot again. His/Her campaign slogan is going to be "Legalize Potz", and there will probably be an odor of cannabis somewhere near the campaign bus more than once. I'm looking forward to hearing about that campaign.