I told Holly that when Iowa caucus time had come around I had been curious about what their Greens had decided and was unable to find anything. I asked Holly what happened. She said that in Iowa going to the Major Party caucuses is a huge thing, and the Greens probably can't compete for face time at this time. She said they are still thinking about how to deal with that.


That key is on the sweater of a woman that didn't want her picture taken, but did want to represent the Palestinian right of return.

Earlier I'd been complaining about how bad Mexican food made by Russians in Chicago is. They just didn't get it about how that food should be. Somebody had responded by telling me that when you're in Chicago the thing to eat is deep dish pizza. I had that with some friends, and it was very good. On the way back to the evening party we passed this office, and Cameron suggested I take a picture of it. Seeing an architect bragging about being green was a nice sight, and a reminder that we really are part of a movement that spans many realms.



People were still relaxing when I got back, talking about this or that. Mitch/Midge talked about running for Senator in Missouri as a Republican. She also had lots of code pink stories of getting into the media with Medea, fighting the public perceptions war.





Jesse Johnson said that he is going back to West Virginia to run for Governor as the Mountain Party Candidate.

I was leaving when I saw that Julie was interviewing Rosa Clemente in the hall. I stopped to listen for a while. Rosa mentioned that since giving her acceptance speech live on CSPAN, her website had been getting five thousand hits an hour. After the camera stopped recording there was a steady stream of other people that wanted to shake her hand, ask questions, and so forth.